Sophia Loren, ‘Portrait, No.III’ © David Stetson at Proud Galleries, London

Sophia Loren, ‘Portrait, No.III’

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© David Stetson
Paris, France. 1974

Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity

'In 1974 I was commissioned by the fashion editor of the Daily Express to photograph Sophia Loren for a double page fashion feature, the shoot took place at the Christian Dior Salon on the Avenue Montagne in Paris and was to be the first first fashion exclusive she had given in ten years. After make-up and preparation for the first shot of the day, Madam Ponti (as she preferred to be addressed) approached me and asked "Who do you want me to be?" I was surprised, because what people usually ask is "what do you want me to do?" What Sophia Loren meant had a whole different meaning. For a fashion photographer such as myself working mostly with models, it was usual to just suggest poses and positions, but as an actress what Sophia Loren asked was for me to direct her, as in a movie. From somewhere in my mind I came up with a fictional scenario for her to work with, she thought for a moment, then went straight into character. I was so happy and impressed with the result that, to this day, when directing subjects I always create a backstory for them to work to. The difference in the depth and sincerity projected by the subject is dramatic.'

David Stetson is a gifted photographer, designer and film director. He launched his career in his native city of London and eventually moved on to shoot in multiple cities across the globe. He has worked for Christian Dior, Max Factor and Givenchy, and his photographs have appeared in many leading fashion magazines. He is also highly acclaimed for his portraiture photography work depicting icons.

David Stetson's artistic sensibility and impressive portfolio has earned him photography awards, global magazine and television interviews, and has lectured at global photography institutes. David's fine art photography work has been exhibited on numerous occasions at leading galleries in London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore and Cologne. 

Metropolis Japan 
Tokyo Art Beat 
Photo London / Strand Palace Hotel

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