The Kennedys, John F. Kennedy, ‘Walking in Sand Dunes’ © Mark Shaw at Proud Galleries, London

The Kennedys, John F. Kennedy, ‘Walking in Sand Dunes’

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© Mark Shaw
Georgetown, U.S.A. 1959
Digital archival print authenticated, signed and numbered by David Shaw, executor of the Estate
Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity

The settings of Mark Shaw's photographs vary from vacation retreats to the White House, but in each shot capturing the Kennedy family the sense of optimism in the American Dream is always present. This photo, claimed to be John F. Kennedy’s favourite portrait of himself, has been used frequently to symbolise his presidency. It depicts him as a reflective, romantic figure and helped to cement the idea of ‘Camelot’ which Jackie so deftly applied to his presidency.

Mark Shaw first photographed the Kennedys in 1959 for Life Magazine, subsequently developing a close friendship with the Kennedy family that gave him extraordinary and informal access to their inner circle. Becoming the Kennedys unofficial family photographer, Shaw captured some of the family’s most intimate and candid moments, giving a rare insight into the private, domestic lives of the Kennedys.

Shaw’s photographs include Kennedy's favourite shot of himself, walking alone on the dunes at Hyannis Port, alongside images on the campaign trail, relaxing at home with friends, entertaining at the White House, and the sombre days immediately following JFK's assassination.

Mark Shaw’s body of work can be found in the collections of many prominent photography collectors. Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Aniston, and Martha Stewart are among the well-known figures who own his vintage or posthumous prints. Some of Mark Shaw’s most beautiful photography work was commissioned by fashion houses over a ten-year period. After working in still photographic film for over twenty years, Shaw embraced a new challenge, by 1965 Shaw was an active film director filming award winning commercials for television and working as a photographic consultant to film directors.

Mark Shaw’s vintage silver gelatin prints were all produced under his supervision. There are a limited number of these prints available for sale and are mainly one off prints. Most works depict the Kennedy family. There are a few vintage prints available of Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and other celebrities. They were produced during the 1950s and early 1960s.

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