Elvis Presley, Nick Adams, Lansky Brothers, ‘Clothier to the King’ © Ernest C. Withers at Proud Galleries London

Elvis Presley, Nick Adams, Lansky Brothers, ‘Clothier to the King’

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© Ernest C. Withers
U.S.A. December 1958
Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity

This photography work depicts singer and actor Elvis Presley, the Lansky brothers and actor Nick Adams, who he met on the set of Love Me Tender. Presley is widely known as the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ and one of rock music’s dominant performers from the mid-1950s until 1977. In the beginning, the offerings at Lansky Bros. contrasted starkly to the clean cut and traditional styles popular with midcentury Americans. Lansky Bros. featured colorful window displays with bright colors and flashy designs that were intended to pop onstage. This, of course, was precisely what would catch the attention of a young Elvis Presley in 1952.

Withers captured many of the musicians who birthed Rock n Roll, Soul, and Blues as we know it today both as, and after, they got their starts on Beale Street. Early Withers work also includes jazz, gospel and blues greats and pictures inside Beale Street's famed clubs.

About Ernest C. Withers
Ernest C. Withers grew up in Memphis, Tennesse and discovered he had a knack for photography when the glamorous wife of boxing champion Joe Louis visited his school. He developed his craft while stationed overseas with the U.S. Army. He briefly worked as a cop, before being fired for selling whiskey on the side, and then embraced the life of a freelance photographer, shooting everything from funerals to commercials, as well as his favourite subject, Beale Street. Withers would hit the nightclubs early in the evening to photograph revellers out on the town, then run to develop the images and return before the night was over to sell the pictures for a dollar. Here, Withers photographed a young Elvis Presley, a fellow lover of the Memphis nightclub scene, as Presley mingled with Black artists at a local club in the early days of integration.

Ernest C. Withers is most famous for his civil rights photography, capturing pivotal moments of African American history over a span of sixty years, including the Emmet Till Trial, the Black Power Movement, and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. After his death, Withers cooperation as an FBI informant for the same activists he was photographing was publicized, revealing a complicated relationship between Withers and the Civil Rights Movement.

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