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The story of Queen, narrated through Brian’s own words, and including previously unseen images. This edition contains captivating 3-D photos from the Oscar winning film, Bohemian Rhapsody, taken by Brian May; all of which can be viewed with Brian’s high-quality own design Lite Owl Viewer, housed neatly within the hardback cover.

Queen in 3-D is the first intimate view from the inside by a founder band member; it was also the first history of any rock group ever to be created in 3-D. Not only did Brian May write the book (no ‘ghost writer’ here), but the 3-D illustrations were all captured with Brian’s stereoscopic cameras, mostly by the man himself.

From an early age Brian would travel with a stereo camera in hand, so on Queen tours and during recordings he was able to capture rare behind-the-scenes moments of one of the world’s greatest rock bands. Some of the photographs had not even been fully processed until the book was in the making. The pictures were taken on stage; others behind the scenes, including informal shots taken on the road and during leisure time, giving close- up glimpses of the band as never seen before.

Decades later these were shared for the very first time when Queen in 3-D published last year. It became an instant bestseller. Initially thought by Brian to be a quick job, this project turned into a labour of love for May and his team which spanned three years. Each time the book seemed to be close to completion, more 3-D photos were found in forgotten hiding places, prompting further memories and filling in the gaps in the narrative.

This is an important book, not only capturing the very essence of one of the world’s all-time greatest bands, but also exploring glimpses of the culture, politics and atmosphere of the many territories where Queen performed. Brian has created a text that chronicles changes in the music industry alongside major changes in the history of the world.

  • Includes / Large Owl Viewer
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  • Hardback in black
  • Dimension 32.5 x 24 cm / 262 Pages
  • Publication Date / 1 August 2019
  • Publisher / The London Stereoscopic Company