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Arguably the biggest artist of our time, Andy Warhol blurred the line between artist and celebrity; by exploring the relationship between creativity, celebrity culture and advertising he became the leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. His work spans a variety of media including painting, silkscreen printing, film, sculpture and photography.

'Drawing on contemporary advertisements, comic strips, consumer products and Hollywood's most famous faces, Warhol proposed a radical reevaluation of what constituted artistic subject matter. At the same time, he reconfigured the role of the artist; famously stating I want to be a machine, he systematically reduced the presence of his own authorship by working with mass production methods and images, as well as dozens of assistants in a studio he dubbed The Factory'. Klaus Honnef 

This book discusses Warhol's impressive, multifaceted oeuvre which revolutionized the consumption of fine art. A detailed chronological study of the life of such an iconic artist, this book covers his cultural and historical importance in a concise biography featuring over 100 images with captions.

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