Book Signed by Lew Allen and Mike McCartney / Elvis & the Birth of Rock / Collector's Edition

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Elvis Presley, aka the 'King of Rock and Roll' is often cited as being one of rock music’s leading figures, elevating the genre to a mainstream audience, and becoming a cultural icon. A young Lew Allen, still in high school at the time, happened to be the only photographer present at one of Elvis’s concerts in Ohio in 1956, a serendipitous moment that would lead to Allen photographing Elvis on tour for the next two years, capturing famous ‘rock party’ bus tours, Buddy Holly, and the Everly Brothers, along with other behind-the-scenes and on-stage moments.

This limited edition, large-format book features a collection of these photographs, some never-before-seen, by Lew Allen taken from 1956 to 1958. Mike McCartney, Paul McCartney's brother collaborated with Lew Allen on the publication. It is quarter-bound in fine blue suede with silver blocking and page edging and includes a case and protective cloth bag.

  • Condition / New
  • Genesis Publications
  • 36 x 26 cm
  • Collector's Edition
  • Hand signed by Lew Allen and Mike McCartney

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