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'Often raw and impromptu, the Polaroids document Warhol's era like Instagram captures our own, offering a unique record of the life, world, and vision behind the pop art maestro and modernist giant.'

Arguably the biggest artist of our time, Andy Warhol blurred the line between artist and celebrity; by exploring the relationship between creativity, celebrity culture and advertising he became the leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. His work spans a variety of media including painting, silkscreen printing, film, sculpture and - as explored in this book - photography. 

A relentless, borderline obsessive, chronicler of life, Warhol carried a Polaroid camera near constantly from the late 1950's until his passing in 1987. Over this time he amassed a huge collection of pictures documenting friends, lovers, celebrities and artists among still life's, landscapes and self portraits. 

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