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Annually, Fashion Images de Mode meticulously sifts through the vast expanse of fashion photography, casting aside tired clichés and recycled banality to reveal the avant-garde essence of global style with precision. Renowned as the ultimate authority in fashion and photography, this curated collection serves as both a retrospective and a glimpse into the future trends. 

Under the editorial guidance of Lisa Lovatt-Smith, this year's edition presents a showcase of provocative, nuanced, and captivating images that redefine human adornment. Mariuccia Casadio delves into the artistic expression of androgyny, complemented by evocative illustrations from Annette Aurell. Tiggy Maconochie offers an insightful exploration into the enduring legacy of Jean Loup Sieff, while uber-chic photographer Terry Richardson adds a personal touch. 

Prefaced by the illustrious Rankin and featuring contributions from luminaries like David LaChapelle, Elaine Constantine, Katerina Jebb, Andrea Giacobbe, Warren du Preez, and Nick Thornton Jones, this year's book captures the highest point of innovation in haute couture. Fashion Images de Mode goes beyond being just a publication; it's a timeless source of beauty and endless inspiration.

  • Dimensions / 31 x 25 cm

  • Hardcover / 208 pages 

  • Publisher / Vision On Publishing Ltd

  • Condition / Second hand