BOOK STEREOSCOPY / BRIAN MAY AND DENIS PELLERIN / Crinoline: Fashion's Most Magnificent Disaster

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'A very special and wonderful book with enlightened research unveiling fascinating facts such as crinolines being considered an extremely dangerous form of clothing at one time. Great examples of 3-D pictures totally in keeping with its historical importance, complete with 3-D viewer.' Dame Zandra Rhodes

'Crinolines and Stereoscopic photographs were twin sensations of the mid 19th century. We, the authors of this book, decided it was fitting that they should be reunited in the 21st century, and their intimate association recognised at last. This book explores the history of crinoline 'in depth'. It's also an attempt to fathom the unique appeal of this dangerous fashion, which, surprisingly, is alive and well in the present day, and its place in popular culture.' Brian May & Denis Pellerin

'Rock star Brian May reveals the hidden world of the crinoline in magnificent Victorian 3-D.' Art Newspaper 

This book explores the entertaining world of crinoline. The crinoline is a cage-type underskirt that was an immensely popular design between the years 1856 to 1867. However popular, the garment was severely impractical: a strong gust of wind would blow the dress up exposing the woman's legs and undergarments; worse still, the crinolines were cumbersome, caused accidents, and proved to be a serious fire hazard. As the shapes of crinoline garments grew more and more extreme, artists were inspired to capture the absurdities and misfortunes of the wearers through cartoons and drawings, and perhaps most entertainingly, through stereo photos. Just as the crinoline came into fashion, so did the stereoscope. Stereo photographers capitalized on the ridiculous spectacle of the women in crinolines, giving impoverished Victorian husbands some consolation in laughter. Although the hoops and inflatable frames disappeared, this wonderful humorous imagery produced during the Crinoline decade has lasted intact over the centuries – and is rediscovered in this book.

Crinoline explores the emergence of the steel petticoat and the initial onset of the 'Crinoline Age', to the historical moment when women began to protest against the "cage" and it was eventually phased out, and finally to its reimagination by contemporary fashion designers such as  Alexander McQueen, Zandra Rhodes and Vivienne Westwood .Using the OWL viewer designed by Brian May included with the book, viewers can experience the visual history of the crinoline in 3-D.

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  • Publication Date / 14 April 2016
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