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This pin badge is an original Eddie Cochran Fan Club badge from 1958/59. These badges are part of Eddie Cochran’s Lost Locker Collection, a collection of memorabilia, photographs, and recordings of rock musician Eddie Cochran. Killertone Records purchased these genuine articles, a rock music label co-founded by one of the collaborators of the Lost Locker Collection, Sonny West.

Sonny West is a musician and lifelong Eddie Cochran fan. When he stumbled across an online auction in 2021 of the Cochran family home, including all of Eddie Cochran's belongings, Sonny sensed the significance of what he was looking at. He bought as much as he could. As quickly as he could. Knowing he had found the lost pages, from one of rock and roll's greatest stories.

Eddie Cochran was only 21 when he died. He still lived at home with his family. After his death, his parents left his room untouched. A shrine to Eddie, his life and his music. Nothing from that room had come to light, since then. Until that auction appeared online. The reason such special items had ended up for sale, was strangely mundane; unpaid rent on a lock-up in California.

For decades after the death of Eddie's mum, everything was kept in storage. Eventually, the rent stopped being paid, and the contents of the lock up were sold. The buyers were in the business of acquiring the unknown contents of unpaid lock-ups. Nobody seemed to know quite what had been discovered, until Sonny did. The unseen archive and personal belongings of Eddie Cochran were now under his care. After carefully and excitedly poring through the extraordinary collection, now in his possession, Sonny knew that the time had come to finally tell Eddie's story.

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