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'I've been repeatedly asked to write my autobiography - I have seen an awful lot of famous people at their best and worst - but I'm not interested in making money trading their secrets of mine. I want my pictures to tell a story not sell a story.' Terry O'Neill

'When it comes to photographic legends there can be few more prolific or revered than Terry O'Neill, the man who shot the greats.'

One of the worlds most celebrated and collected photographers of all time, no one has captured the front line of fame as broadly as Terry O'Neill. In a career spanning over 5 decades, he has shot movie stars, presidents, rock stars and royals alike, at work, play and in private. Much of his work chronicles rock and roll history, having worked closely with Sir Elton John, Frank Sinatra and David Bowie, to name a few.

This book chronicles his extensive catalogue of work for the first time, creating an unmissable archive hand-picked from over 2 million negatives, including previously unseen images from throughout his iconic career. O'Neill's work has been seen in prestigious magazines including Time, Newsweek, Vanity Fair and Vogue, as well as in galleries worldwide, including the London National Portrait Gallery's permanent collection.

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