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Capturing movements of 'the strange and the sublime', Destroyed is a 60-page volume of photographs recording intimate glimpses of Moby's personal experience of touring. Aiming to capture unseen moments of tours which are often left unrepresented, 'Destroyed' is a visual and aesthetic uncovering of the anonymity and sense of displacement found when occupying the artificial space of hotel rooms and backstage waiting areas.

"One minute on tour you're by yourself in a soulless airport, the next minute you're flying over the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. One minute on tour you're by yourself in a soulless backstage area, the next minute you're on stage pouring your heart out to 75,000 people. Touring is all contrasts and strangeness, and that's what I'm trying to convey in these pictures."

Selling over 20 million records worldwide, Moby is widely considered one of the most important dance figures of the early 1990's. Moby continues to take pictures alongside making music, exhibiting work in Los Angeles and New York.

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