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The intimate photos provide a stark contrast to the paparazzi images that later defined the singer, snapped intrusively and cruelly, framing the star's spiraling destruction like the latest juicy gossip. Here, on the cusp of fame, Winehouse is not frightened by the camera and its consequences. She meets its gaze head on, flirtatiously pulling the viewer under her spell.

Before Frank is a 144 page hard back photography book containing over 50 original and mostly unseen photographs of Amy Winehouse, just before the release of her debut album, Frank. An intimate portrait of a young woman teetering on the edge of fame, these beautiful images give a glimpse of the icon before Frank catapulted her into the public eye. American writer Teju Cole writes that the definition of photography hinges on the idea of retention, he describes the possibility of 'saving' a memory within imagery; Before Frank is a perfect example of the salvational function of photography, and how it can extend to the subject themselves.

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