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On the morning of Thursday, September 12, 1963, already famous fashion photographer Norman Parkinson was sent to shoot with a young pop band from Liverpool. Earlier that same year they had released the first of eleven studio albums to critical acclaim, reaching number one and staying there for thirty weeks; that band was The Beatles.

One of the highlights of an already great career, Norman Parkinson shares these iconic archival images of the fledgling band, just before they reached super-stardom. Covering nearly 30 rolls of film, including images currently hanging in Abbey Road Studios and the President Hotel in Bloomsbury, this book offers a rare insight into the making of one of the biggest band in the world. 

'Revealing, insightful and funny this collection of photos captures The Beatles near the start of their spectacular career. Their creativity is plain to see in these photos which have become some of the most important in the extensive Beatles catalogue.'

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