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Proud Galleries presents OFF STAGE featuring the collections of Alan Chapman, David Magnus and Erroll Jones. A reportage photography exhibition that invites the viewer to delve into the world of celebrity and rockstars off stage, behind the scenes, and on the move. The triple show explores the relationship and dynamics of the photographers and their subject matters under more challenging, unusual, and intimate contexts, rather than capturing them while performing or in controlled studio environments. OFF STAGE groups together these organic encounters and photo sessions, bringing to life a whole new dimension and visual narrative on how we look at the modern icons we all love.

About / Alan Chapman’s Frame | Celebrity Collection

Alan Chapman began photographing celebrities on the street, in renown bars, restaurants, and clubs both in London and Los Angeles since the late 1970s. He takes pride in his approach: never shooting a subject once they’ve asked him to stop, and never interrupting a conversation. It has earned him the nickname ‘the decent one’ from Robbie Williams. His unique style of not ‘invading’ a celebrity space prompted the American actor, producer, director, and musician Adrian Grenier to ask Alan to be in a film he was producing entitled ‘Teenage Paparazzo’, and eventually Adrian also went on to write the preface for Alan Chapman’s limited edition book ‘Frame’, which you can purchase at our Gift Shop. Alan is a photographer to the rich and famous, whether on the street or in social gatherings, his images being widely published around the world both in print and on television.

‘Alan Chapman has been photographing the rich & famous for longer than he cares to admit and in that time his reputation as a sympathetic lensman has grown. Not interested in portraying a prejudicial angle or seeking to expose some ruthless stereotype, Alan's work has become known in media circles for capturing the energy, character and essence of a personality, not their flaws.’ Adrian Grenier

About / David Magnus’ All You Need Is Love | The Beatles Collection

The Beatles, 'All You Need is Love, Dress Rehearsal, No.I' © David Magnus at Proud Galleries London

In the early 1960's, David joined a small photographic studio in Jermyn Street, London W1. On the 4 April 1963, as a very young photographer at the age of 19 years of age, David was sent out on his own to photograph a pop group who were playing an end of term concert at Stowe School, in Buckinghamshire U.K. This was David’s first photographic session with The Beatles and it was so well received that more sessions followed.

David’s early work with The Beatles and their acceptance of him allowed David unprecedented access to their lives and culminated when The Beatles took part in the first ever live world-wide T.V. satellite broadcast called 'Our World'. Each of the nineteen countries taking part would to have it's own segment featuring something special from that country. The U.K. segment was a live performance of The Beatles recording their song ‘All You Need Is Love'. The rehearsal and transmission took place at the famous EMI Studio 1 at Abbey Road in London. David had exclusive coverage on both the 24 and 25 June rehearsal sessions as well as the live transmission. The Beatles wanted the broadcast to have a party atmosphere, so a great deal of time was spent decorating the studio to reflect this. The Beatles themselves were all dressed in colourful clothes and were surrounded by flowers, balloons, and placards. To further add to the party atmosphere The Beatles invited a number of their celebrity friends to attend.

'As I came from the EMI canteen, one of the female studio staff stopped me, put a hand on my shoulder and said to me, 'I must touch you as you've been in the same room as The Beatles.' It was as if I carried an aura from the Beatles.'  David Magnus

About / Erroll Jones’ My Mates’ Band | The Prodigy Collection

My Mates’ Band series depicts the early days of the legendary English electronic dance music band The Prodigy, as captured by photographer Erroll Jones. As a keen photographer and good friend of Maxim and their manager Ziggy, Erroll would often bring his camera along to their early gigs, unsuspecting of the level of fame they would eventually achieve. At the time the photographs were taken, the band was relatively unknown outside of the rave circuit. When making prints in the college darkroom, other students would often ask Erroll about the subjects of his works, to which he would respond: ‘It’s just my mates’ band’. Shot entirely on film, both medium format and 35mm, the series comprises a collection of never-before-seen images of the band backstage and on tour, offering up an intimate behind the scenes glimpse of one of the most iconic artist groups to date.

‘I’m in the back of a car on my way home from a rave. The driver is my mate Ziggy. Sharkey, my housemate is in the passenger seat and in the back with me is Keith and maybe one other. Keith hands Ziggy a tape, of his mate's (Liam) music to play. He said that he, Sharkey and Leeroy were going to be the dancers for Liam's band, and asked Ziggy if he would consider managing them. Ziggy plays the tape and seemingly loves it, saying it was brilliant and he could see this being massive. I was really into House music at the time and have to confess I didn't really like Liam's tape, and distinctly remember saying to Ziggy when we got out the car, ‘you didn't really mean that did you?’ He said, ‘Of course I did, this is the future.’ Needless to say he was right.' Erroll Jones